Sunday, April 24, 2016


     I teach guitar classes at Rufty--Holmes Senior Center on Mondays.  There are three classes--- two beginner classes and one intermediate class-- each one is meant to be graduated-- that is, three different or seperate levels.   

     We usually start new classes on the first or second Mondays of odd months (January, March, May, July, September, and Novemberand they normally run through the last Monday of the even months.

Here is my business card--- please feel free 
to ask for more info or to promote our class to your friends.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Guitar Lessons- Introduction

Hello- and WELCOME to my online guitar lessons page.  There will be other pages on this site ( that will focus on other things, such as Events, Guitar Players, CD's & Videos, etc. but this page will be the "meat-n-potatoes" of the site.  It will focus on what most of you will be coming here for : to learn to play the guitar and develop your skills and talents.  

UPDATETwo links have been set up here, one for BEGINNER level lessons, and one for INTERMEDIATE level lessons.  Eventually, these pages will contain all of my guitar teaching materials.  I will be setting up other pages for such things as Songs, Web Links, etc. I will also be posting Video Lessons to accompany and supplement my printed lessons.

This website is a Work-in-Progress.  There are some flaws and oversights and undone pages.   For the time being (until I can make everything perfect), there are also some other Guitar Lesson pages at GUITAR GLUE and GUITAR GURU.   These will probably be incorporated together at some point.  But for now-- you can also go There-- but expect some overlap in the pages.  Sorry if it's somewhat confusing or unorganized.

At this time, I teach two Beginner classes and an Intermediate level class at RHSC (Rufty-Holmes Senior Center) to age 55+ adults.  I hope to begin teaching either private lessons or group classes for all ages soon.  I am searching for a good location(s) to provide such lessons or classes.  If you have any ideas or can provide a place, let me know.

Hopefully, we will pack this site full of meaningful guitar lessons for you to enjoy!

Sing to him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.  Psalm 33:3
Praise Him with stringed instruments.  Psalm 150:4